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FAZUP Mobile Phone Anti Radiation Patch
Proven to reduce up to 99% Radiation
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FAZUP 手機抗輻射貼片
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Did you know, mobile phone radiation can:-
– increase children’s risk of brain cancer by 500%
– harm your baby & may cause hyperactivity if you are pregnant
– link to cancer due to excessive use as ruled by Italian court

FAZUP from France is scientifically proven to reduce mobile phone radiation by 99% and recommended by doctors.

– 兒童:使用手機腦癌風險增5倍
– 孕婦: 導致胎兒畸形、孩子易暴躁
– 義大利法院裁定過度使用手機致癌風險大增
– 法國製造Fazup 手機防輻射貼已獲法國權威檢測機構認證及證實能減少手機輻射高達99%及獲得醫生極力推薦。

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