Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks

Canmake Glow Fleur Cheeks
Translucence and staying power worthy of a cream blush.
A powder but it doesn’t feel powdery. 
It’s long-lasting and highly oil-absorbent to keep your make-up in place for hours on end.
Formulation designed with your skin in mind.
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Egaleo Cleansing Bar


If you’re looking for a 100% natural cleansing soap or if you’re looking a balanced sense of calm and well-being, Egaleo Cleansing Bar is definitely for you! You’d be astonished by its benefits and features! It can be used for people whose skin are sensitive, allergic to certain chemicals, dry skin, spotty or freckled skin and people who want to maintain immaculate skin quality. Head-to-toe cleansing, moisturizes and soothes sensitive skin.
It can be used to wash hair, relieves itchy scalp, treats dandruff, and reduces acne. It is natures’ gift for the body! To maximize the benefits of Olive Oils Soap and to maintain the impeccable purity level, Egaleo has selected the use of the “Cold Process” soap making method according to the Standard of European Union.
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Egaleo Cleansing Bar


Back to Sixteen Whitening RICE Scrub


Do you look yourself in the mirror, when you come home after a long tiring day and realize how stress, sun rays, pollution can affect your complexion? You’ve heard about the benefits of washing your face with rice water whereby it offers great results and effective way to get the bright, beautiful skin that you desire.
Introducing Back to Sixteen Whitening Rice Scrub; effectively remove dead skin cells, balance oil secretion and 100% made in Korea. Back to Sixteen fine scrub particles can gently remove dirt and aging skin. Rice enzyme contains a wealth of vitamins, nourishing ingredients with the milk. By cleaning the skin helps balance oil secretion, whiten skin and sparkling glow meters soft white muscle, which results in making skin look young and fresh.
Retail Price: RM56
28Mall Price: RM56
Cashback Reward: 25%

Back to Sixteen Scrub Beras


Pernahkah anda melihat diri anda dalam cermin, apabila pulang ke rumah selepas hari memenatkan yang panjang dan menyedari betapa tekanan, sinaran matahari, pencemaran boleh memberi kesan kepada kulit anda? Anda telah mendengar tentang manfaat mencuci muka anda dengan air beras di mana dapat menawarkan hasil yang hebat dan cara yang berkesan untuk mendapatkan kulit yang cerah yang anda inginkan.
Memperkenalkan Back to Sixteen Scrub Pemutihan Beras; berkesan untuk menghapuskan sel-sel kulit mati, mengimbangkan rembesan minyak dan 100% dibuat di Korea. Scrub beras yang halus boleh menghilangkan kotoran dan penuaan kulit. Beras enzyme mengandungi pelbagai vitamin, menyuburkan bahan-bahan dengan susu. Dengan membersihkan kulit membantu rembesan minyak kira-kira, yang menyebabkan menjadikan kulit kelihatan muda dan sihat.

Back to Sixteen 极致白米酵素磨砂膏


您的皮肤较薄或是敏感肌?全新韩国美容品牌Back to Sixteen的「极致白米酵素磨砂膏」,它的质地非常幼细,非常适合皮肤较薄或容易敏感的肌肤使用,而且使用时感觉非常舒服!
主要成份︰ 白米,牛奶 功效: 微细磨砂粒子能轻柔地去除老化角质及污垢,白米酵素蕴含丰富的维生素,配合牛奶的滋养成分,清洁肌肤之余有助平衡油脂分泌、改善肌肤黯哑、均匀及美白肤色,焕发晶莹剔透的米白嫩肌!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Wondering how to choose the best Valentine’s Day Gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband? – online shopping mall for authentic brands offers some recommended Valentine’s Day gift for her and gifts for him ideas.

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Valentine’s Day fit for Her
Laneige Whitening BB Cushion – Over 10 Million pieces worldwide. This the flawless skin makeup routine of Song Hye Kyo in Descendants of the Sun K-drama.



Korea Whoo – Luxury skincare for Queen Whitening Compact Powder made with oriental herbs, encased in delicate powder case that will be the envy of many ladies


Korea Whoo Beauty Gift Sets with FREE Gifts



Classic Missoni Italy Sunglasses in assorted Designs at 50% Off


Valentine’s Day fit for Him
FoneBud phone charger, bluetooth speaker, and selfie controller all in 1, available in 4 colours



iPhone 6s / 6s+ Case from Adamas Japan



Unisex Calvin Klein Sunglasses at 50% Off



Affordable Luxury
Versus Italy watch is sold out in KL, but you can still enjoy 30% off here


Laneige BB Cushion

Need to hide blemish scars or freckles but hate thick gooey foundation? Song Hye Kyo secret of her flawless skin is the Korea sensation BB cushion, the world’s No.1 cushion – sold 9.7 million units! It delivers impressive coverage where it hydrates, moisturizes and protects skin from UV rays making sure your skin stays hydrated all day long. Not only that, it makes the skin brighter and clear from within! It includes one extra refill.

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