Best InfraRed Hair Dryer on Sale

Infrared Hair Dryer – secrets for healthy glossy hair?

Infrared Hair Dryers are getting into the spotlight and it’s not just professional infra-red hair dryers but affordable home use infrared hair blowers for consumers without burning a hole into your pocket

I have personally been using GAMA Italy infrared hair dryer from their 5D Antiaging collection that packs in antibacterial and super ioniser function, for close to 1 year now and i can swear that it works super well for me.

Chicago Tribune news media reported that “Infrared hair dryers produce long waves of energy that penetrate the hair cuticle and start drying your hair from the inside out. The heat from these hair dryers feels much cooler, meaning you’re less likely to burn your scalp.” in Aug 2019 review of The Best infrred Hair Dryer

GA.MA Italy hair dryer uses halogen lamp to produce far infrared rays and you can read the additional benefits of far infra red in many medical articles online.

Why should you use InfraRed Hair Blower?
1. Cut hair drying time by up to 50%
– yes in modern times where time is in scarcity, we want tools that works well and works fast. It used to take me 15 mins or more to blow dry my wet hair but now it’s just less than 8 minutes (yes i’m talking about wet hair dripping water on my tshirt collar wetness)

2. Hair Protection from Heat
– infrared produces long waves of energy that can penetrate the hair and dries from inside out. Therefore it’s cooler and protects your hair from over heating caused by regular hair dryers

3. Protect your scalp
– do you know that your scalp is also sensitive towards heat? So now, with infrared you can even use it on sensitive scalp and especially those prone to hair loss or weak hair, should invest in a good hair dryer
– one of our client in her late 70s said our 28Mall GA.MA Italy hair dryer is so soothing to her sensitive scalp

4. Better absorption of cream / essence / serum
– top up your scalp serum, hair essence and use the infrared hair dryer to blow it to increase deeper absorption

5. Improve blood circulation
– got tired shoulders, sprained ankle, or cold feet and cold palms? Blow dry these body parts as infrared helps in blood circulation and you will feel less tired and more relaxed
– during cold winters and cool fall season, blow your hands and feet and all over your body after you shower or even in my case, i blow my pajamas so when i put it on, i feel so warm and comfy.

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Added benefits is the active oxygen O3 ozone technology function that acts as antibacterial (think of scalps with dandruff, bacteria on our hair and even smelly feet), as you can use this hair blower all over

It’s at 2,200 walts (2,200 W) and works on 220-240 voltage. It’s super durable as wells so you can probably use it for over 2,000 hours!

Note : do you know we also have infrared hair straightener and infra-red hair hair curler with worldwide voltage and instant heat technology?

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