3M N95 8210 Mask – AntiHaze Face Respirators Malaysia

Haze preparation Guide

– First 2 masks endorsed by World Health Organization

  1. 3M N95 mask 8210 – 1 box 20 pcs (M size) RM65/box RM110/2 boxes

Shop at http://28mall.com/shop/p-100268-3M_N95_8210_Mask_1_Box.html









  1. 3M N95 mask 8110s – 1 box 20 pcs ( s size better for kids) RM110/box RM195/2 boxes

Shop at http://28mall.com/shop/p-100274-3M_N95_8110s_Mask_1_Box.html









Buy 2 boxes free delivery to West Malaysia if you quote the word BLOG in your order


  1. Personal air purifier kyutec germany with ozone RM471 sale RM380

Shop at http://28mall.com/shop/p-105287-Kyutec_Portable_Air_Purifier.html









  1. AODMA air purifier mini RM155 sale RM120

Shop at http://28mall.com/shop/p-106715-Aodma_Air_Purifier_ST837.html









Shop any above add Surgical 3 ply face mask made in Msia 50 pcs/1box RM12 (usual RM20)

For wholesale 3M N95 masks – contact 3M Malaysia masks supplier office 03-22846418 (sue) or WhatsApp +6017-375 9938  or  WeChat MY28Mall

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28Mall Merchant MYCYBERSALE Offer for Store

28Mall.com MYCYBERSALE Merchant Store & Cross Border Marketing Package offers 2018.

To register please call Jason +603-22846418 / WhatsApp +6012 – 232 8878 / WeChat eOneNet1

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28Mall.com 1st Asia Influencers Carnival and Awards Surpassed 10 Million Views

19 July 2018, Kuala Lumpur:

The first Asia Influencers Carnival & Awards (AICA) 2018 in Malaysia presented by 28Mall.com was successfully hosted on 17 July at Sunway Resort Hotel with over 10 million views on live broadcast. AICA was created to recognize top and upcoming influencers or KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) in Malaysia and China. Conference and dinner participants included guests from embassies, government, public listed companies, retailers and SMEs.

The Power Influencers Awards 2018 winners are:

Amber Chia, top model and Principal  of Amber Chia Academy, Winnie K, singer and celeb, Ashley Wong, nicknamed Drift Princess, and Lin Yuanshan, top KOL from China with 2.3 million fans.

The Upcoming Influencer Award 2018 winner is Elvina Chua, beauty instagrammer.

Shoppers can joined the Carnival live broadcast by influencers on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram. Award winner Lin Yuanshan’s China live broadcast recorded a whopping 10 million views within 30 minutes.

“This is the power of influencers marketing, especially for business owners who wish to promote their products to China, or to target tourists from China coming to Malaysia to visit their shops or attractions,” exclaimed Fione Tan, 28Mall.com CEO & AICA Chairwoman. 28Mall.com KOL Live broadcast on-site visit to Ripley’s Believe it or Not! and BabaJia Restaurant in Genting also attained 20.3 Million views in China within hours!

2018 Influencers’ Choice Awards winners:

Anti-Aging Hair Dryer: Italy GAMA

Face Mask: Korea Wonjin Effect

Anti-aging Skincare: France L’Action

Healthy Instant Coffee: Malaysia Vites Black White Lovin Coffee

Anti-Radiation Device: France Fazup Anti-Radiation Phone Patch

The Awards gala dinner was co-located with Miss Talent International Competition (MTIC) final.

Shopping carnival discounts up to 75% is available on www.28Mall.com/blog/2018/07/11/asia-influencers-shopping-carnival-july-17

AICA Sponsors include: eOneNet.com, LivePicture, FlipLet, NanoWhite, SBS Print, TheDeliciousGroup, KyungJoo, DrNano Labcel and supported by MRCA, PIKOM, HKMBA and MDCC.

For brands wishing to launch KOL Influencer Marketing campaigns, they can contact www.AsiaInfluencers.com or www.FB.com/AsiaInfluencersCarnivalAward


28Mall.com is positioned as China + South East Asia cross border online shopping platform for 100% original items with up to 28% cashback points via its proprietary eHongBao system that rewards members for logging in, sharing hongbao and shopping.

It now houses over 300 top brands, many of which are making their first appearance in Malaysia.

28Mall was cofounded by Asia Internet marketing Queen, Fione Tan with over 18 years eCommerce experience.

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20-years old Chai Wins Miss Talent International Malaysia 2018

July 17, Sunway Resort Hotel KL – Chai Shu Wen, 20, from Kota Kinabalu, is crowned as Miss Talent International Malaysia with her impressive performance and will represent Malaysia in the global finals in China in September.

“I’m thrilled,” she exclaimed, right after she took the coveted crown. “I never expected this to happen. I thank the organizer 28Mall.com and the judges for giving me this great opportunity to represent Malaysia to compete in the global final,” added Chai, who is a model and also the Champion of the Oriental Vogue Model Competition 2018 held in Shanghai last month.

According to Fione Tan, organizer of Miss Talent International Competition (MTIC) Malaysia 2018, stressed “The finalists are chosen not just for looks but their talent so it’s a chance for them to be groomed into social media online influencers working with 28Mall.com cross-border online shopping platform.

Chai stole the show and vowed the crowd with her Kungfu and dance spectacular talent performance.

Catherine Soon Zhi Ling, 28, a singer and singing teacher from Penang and Joey Wong Joo Yee from Kuala Lumpur, Accounting graduate, 21, took the first and second runner-up titles respectively.

Catherine Soon also claims the Miss Social Media title, with her most number of posts engagement, and highest 28Mall.com HongBao Dollar points viral giveaway while Amy Lim Hooi Ting, 27, belly-dancer model, wins the Miss Photogenic title.

The judges were Harrace Lau, co-founder of 28Mall and eOneNet, Karen Chan, pageant queen, and Patrick Low, awarding winning 3D photographer. HK Judge Harrace said “Malaysian finalists are very talented and will do well in the global finals.”

The winners received cash and prizes worth RM128,000 including eOneNet.com Internet Marketing Coaching training to train the winners to be online influencers and entrepreneurs.

Sponsors included eOneNet.com, Amber Chia Academy, Nulnu, Charis Ching, Exes Studio, Chrysalis, Nottingheels, Sonata Performing Arts, L’Action, Fazup, Live Picture, SBS, MyTown and MightyMonster.

For info visit www.MissTalentMalaysia.com


Launched in 2014, the pageant has become one of the top beauty pageants in Hong Kong.  Today, the pageant has become a global competition with the tagline “Beauty with Talent”. 28Mall.com is the license holder for MTIC in Malaysia and offers eCommerce KOL marketing campaigns.

Get US$28 points for shopping at http://www.28Mall.com/s/P37

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28Mall.com 首届亚洲网红购物嘉年华及颁奖典礼观看超越一千万

28Mall.com主办的第一届马来西亚亚洲网红购物嘉年华及颁奖典礼 (AICA),于七月十九日在双威度假酒店内举行,其直播视频观看人次超过一千万。 AICA旨在表彰马来西亚和中国顶级及具有影响力的KOLs(网络红人)。会议和颁奖晚宴的出席者包括来自大使馆、政府、上市公司、零售商和中小企业等的相关人员。


当晚大会颁发“2018亚州最具影响力网红奖”予名模谢丽萍、歌手郭美君、网红飘逸公主Ashley Wong以及在中国拥有二百三十万粉丝的网红林远山。而网络美妆达人Elvina Chua获得2018新进网红大奖。

当晚多位出席网红透过Facebook, Youtube, Instagram直播这次盛会。亚洲最具影响力网红得主之一,来自中国的林远山在国内平台直播在三十分钟内冲破一千万观看人次。

28Mall.com行政总裁以及AICA的筹备主席陈美仪表示,颁奖典礼展现了影响者营销的力量,尤其是对于有意在中国宣传其产品、或是以吸引中国游客到马来西亚参观商店或景点为目标的商人。28Mall.com的网红直播在Ripley’s Believe it or Not 进行了现场参观,而在位于云顶BabaJia餐厅举行的直播更是在一小时内超越了二千零三十万的观看人次,他同时获得亚洲最畅销网红大奖。


抗老吹风机: 意大利 GAMA

滋润面膜:韩国 Wonjin Effect


健康速溶咖啡:马来西亚 Vites Black White Lovin Coffee

防辐射设备:法国Fazup Anti-Radiation Phone Patch

为庆祝获奖,以上品牌进行大促销,优惠详情流量www.28Mall.com/blog/2018/07/11/asia-influencers-shopping-carnival-july-17 网页。


该颁奖典礼由eOneNet.com, LivePicture, FlipLet, NanoWhite, SBS Print, TheDeliciousGroup, KyungJoo, DrNano Labcel 赞助,另外更获得MRCA, PIKOM, HKMBA 和 MDCC 的鼎力支持。




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蔡抒纹在获得冠军后表示,“我真的十分激动,因为之前从没想过这会发生在自己身上,我非常感谢主办方28Mall.com和评委们给了自己这个代表马来西亚参加全球总决赛的宝贵机会。”蔡抒纹是一位模特儿,刚在上海也赢取 Vogue东方模特儿大赛2018中国总冠军。蔡抒纹在才艺表演时展示的功夫和舞蹈演出成为全场焦点,并赢得了热烈的掌声。




大赛的评判分别为28Mall及eOneNet的创办人Harrace Lau、选美皇后Karen Chan以及3D摄影师Patrick Low。来自香港的Harrace指出,马来西亚的决赛选手都才艺出众,他相信代表马来西亚参加会全球总决赛得佳丽将有出色的表现。

获奖佳丽获得总值RM128,000的现金和礼品,其中包括eOneNet.com 赞助的网上创业营销课程,培训佳丽成为网红及网上创业家。

该大赛由eOneNet.com, Amber Chia Academy, Nulnu, Charis Ching, Exes Studio, Chrysalis, Nottingheels, Sonata Performing Arts, L’Action, Fazup, Live Picture, SBS, MyTown 和 MightyMonster赞助。






點擊鏈接 http://www.28Mall.com/s/P37 即可領取28美金到28Mall.com享受購物

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