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A.H.C Hydra B5 Soother

A.H.C Hydra B5 Soother

Retail Price: RM337
28Mall Price: RM320
Cashback Reward: 25%


Hydra B5 Soother is?
Containing the highly concentrated botanical natural ingredients, it continuously supplies nourishment to the skin.

Natural botanical moisturizing ingredients and vitamin supply moisture and nutrients, and keep the skin dewy.


Containing vitamin B5 (Panthenol), it helps to hydrate the skin by gathering moisture on the rough skin caused by dry enviroment. This is the essence for maintenance of soft skin by making the flexible moisturizing layer on the skin. Hyaluronic acid of the natural botanical ingredients assits to increase the capability to hold the moisture from losing, and to normalizes the term of skin turnover. It makes the dry and rough skin soften and healthier.

-Calming care
The natural botanical ingredients of soybean ferment extract and portulaca oleracea extract effectively care the irritated and sensitive skin caused by pollution, harmful environment and stress.

-Soft Touch
With thin and soft get type, it is absorbed instantly into the skin and can be applicable onto the sensitive skin as well as the normal skin without irritation.

After using A/C Infusion and Vial complex C-15, apply sufficient Hydra B5 Soother and rub gently in a circular motion along the skin texture to stimulate the circulation and absorption. It can be applicable in the morning and everning and at the calming step after peel treadment. It is effective for the dry and aged skin as well.

Avoid touching your eyes. Store it in a cool and dark place.


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Dolce Gusto capsules – Malaysia Online Shopping

Dolce Gusto capsules x 2 packs

1 pack of 16 capsules x 2 Sets. 7 flavours available
Gimoka coffee pods is made in Italy!!

Price: US$17 / HK$133 / RM74
SALE: US$14 / HK$107 / RM60 + HB$1.53

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Pre Order Dolce Gusto capsules compatible (Cappuccino)


From the harmonious melding of soft clouds of milk and the delicate joy of coffee comes a creamy cappuccino topped with a perfect and consistent foam.

Roasted and ground coffee , packed in protective atmosphere in capsules. Compatible with the Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine. Made in Italy by GRUPPO GIMOKA SPA (Pack of 16 capsules).





Dolce Gusto capsules compatible (Cremoso)


A blend with a delicate flavour and refined acidity characterised by a flowery aroma and a thick crema. The aftertaste is pleasant and balanced.


Roasted and ground coffee, packed in protective atmosphere in capsules. Compatible with the Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine.

Made in Italy by GRUPPO GIMOKA SPA (Pack of 16 capsules)


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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus (LTE) – Malaysia Online shopping

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus (LTE)

Price: US$498 / HK$3875 / RM2152
SALE: US$421 / HK$3277 / RM1820 + HB$46.80

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Four Modes For Comfortable Watching
Scroll through recipes while you cook, check your social feeds while you eat, and watch movies while you work out. The Yoga Tab 3 Plus is designed to fit your lifestyle and its innovative design gives you multiple ways to use it. Stand it up, hold it, tilt it, or hang it.


If you love movies and TV, the Yoga Tab 3 Plus is for you. At 637 grams, with four usage modes, this splashproof tablet will elevate your viewing experience to new immersive levels of comfort. And with a pristine 10.1” Quad High Definition (QHD) display, theater-caliber JBL speakers, and marathon battery life, you can enjoy the show absolutely anywhere.


Color Enhanced Technology
With in-built Technicolor Color Enhance technology, the Yoga Tab 3 Plus is perfect for immersive gaming and rich, detailed video. It boasts a wide angle, 10.1″ Quad High Definition (QHD), In-Plane Switching (IPS) display, delivering crisp, bright visuals for a better viewing experience under all angles and ambient lights.


Sharing is Caring
Share your favorite movies or youtube videos with friends using Lenovo Media Cast. Wirelessly cast your phone’s screen to the Yoga Tab 3 Plus when you need a bigger screen. Or you can leverage its powerful speakers via bluetooth to play music from phones and laptops for the ultimate sound experience.


Stylish and Safe
When it comes to style, the Yoga Tab 3 Plus steals the show. It comes in puma black with a textured, leather-like finish, durable metal chassis, and kickstand. But its durability isn’t only limited to the quality of its materials–the Tab 3 is also splashproof so you can use it anywhere without fear of getting it wet.



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ÖGON RFID Safe Black Quilted Aluminium Wallet – Malaysia Online shopping

ÖGON RFID Safe Black Quilted Aluminium Wallet

Retail Price: RM228
28Mall Price: RM216
Cashback Reward: 25%


RFID Safe: protects your cards from fraud
Color: Black
Material: Anodized aluminium and polycarbonate
Size  Credit card, Loyalty card, business card
Capacity: Around 10 cards
Size of the cards (max) : 9.8 x 5.6 cm
Weight: 75 g
Design:  Eric Berthes
Made in France, metal lock


Protect your credit cards and documents against humidity, dust, demagnetization and electronic data theft. Compact, strong and lightweight, this aluminium and PVC wallet consists of seven plastic sleeves and is ideal for everyday use, business trips, holidays and outdoor activities. Open easily with one hand. Comes with a two year manufacturer’s guarantee.


Do not put your card case in contact with keys or metal objects.
Clean your aluminium wallet with a soft cloth and window cleaner.


Available at…/p-104374-OGON_RFID_Safe_Black_Quilt…

Kose Medicated Sekkisei Emulsion – Malaysia Online Shopping

Kose Medicated Sekkisei Emulsion

Highly emollient and refreshing, with a rich texture that never feels sticky.

A medicated whitening emulsion that penetrates deep within the epidermis to create resilience and fullness, while leaving the skin’s surface smooth and white.


Retail Price: RM188
28Mall Price: RM173
Cashback Reward: 25%



Contains five oriental herbal extracts (elecampane, coix seed, moutan bark, melothria, angelica) for moist, translucent skin.

Contains a polymer that preserves ideal moisture balance and a pleasant freshness.


Suppresses melanin production to prevent age spots and freckles from sun exposure, as well as dryness and other skin problems.


Available at…/p-104300-Kose_Medicated_Sekkisei_Em…

JAYJUN Skincare Mask – Malaysia Online Shopping

JAYJUN ROSE BLOSSOM MASK + JAYJUN Real Water Brightening Black Mask

2 Packs = 20 pieces 
1 piece 25ml

Made in Korea


List Price: RM255.83

Price: RM144.07

Hong Bao Price: HB$10.34 + RM99.40

You Save: RM156.43 (61%)



Excellent malleability of rose water helps with keeping your skin smooth and bright and the cupro fabric sheet containing camellia oil and the delicate fragrance of rose give you a comfortable and satisfying feeling.


JAYJUN Real Water Brightening Black Mask

STEP 1 Real Water Cleansing Foam
Soft bubbles thoroughly remove skin waste and makeup residue and its moisturizing ingredients keep your face moist even after cleansing.

STEP 2 Vita Snow Essence [Wrinkle care and skin-brightening cosmetics]
It is an essence that contains niacinamide and adenosine which help with skin-brightening and wrinkle care and make your skin resilient and bright.

STEP 3 Real water brightening black mask sheet [Wrinkle care and skin-brightening cosmetics]
It contains excellent moisturizing ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, betaine and ceramide which turn dry skin into smooth and moist skin and the pure cotton hardwood charcoal mask sheet which emits anion will purify your skin by adsorbing skin waste and fine dust.


1. If you suffer from any conditions written below stop using immediately and consult a dermatologist or the symptoms might get worse.
If you get red spots, itchy rashes, irritation and swollen skin while using
If applied areas suffer from conditions written above due to direct sun light

2. Do not apply to the areas of skin with wounds, eczema, dermatitis and others.

3. Cautions on storage:
Keep the cap sealed after use
Keep away from children
Do not leave it in high or low temperature or exposed to direct sunlight

This product dries easily after opening so immediate use is suggested.


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Nespresso Compatible Coffee Machine – Malaysia Online Shopping

Nespresso Compatible Coffee Machine + 6 boxes of compatible Nespresso Coffee capsules

Machine for Nespresso coffee or soluble drinks in capsules







Retail Price: RM940
28Mall Price: RM798
Cashback Reward: 25%


The Nespresso coffee machine is ideal for small offices, B&Bs, public places or homes where quality and consistency of the dispensed beverage is savored. In fact, this machine can dispense both beverages and coffee in small cups, or beverages or soluble drinks in large cups.

Designed to be simple to use and clean, but above all offers a wide degree of versatility: in fact just change the infusion system of the capsule in order to adapt it to the type of compatible capsule being used.

Using the same machine, and simply by replacing the convertible capsule adapter, you are able to dispense:

Nespresso Compatible Coffee Machine + 6 boxes of compatible Nespresso Coffee Pods


Available at…/p-100707-Nespresso_Compatible_Coffee_Ma…

Innisfree Perfect 9 repair eye cream – Malaysia Online Shopping

Innisfree Perfect 9

Retail Price: RM143
28Mall Price: RM136
Cashback Reward: 25%


What it is:
A complete anti-aging perfect repair eye cream for 9 symptoms of aging

1. Wrinkle care and whitening effect
This concentrated eye cream, containing 9 active ingredients from the Jeju elixir complex™, tightens and brightens sensitive skin around the eyes.

2. Solution for 9 signs of aging skin
Perfect repair for dryness, wrinkles, flakiness, darkening, blemishes, enlarged pores, and reduced skin elasticity.


Available at…/p-103945-Innisfree_Perfect_9_repair_eye…

MEDI LAB Korea Water Gel Tint Glow – Malaysia Online Shopping 28Mall

MEDI LAB Korea Water Gel Tint Glow – Love Affair

Buy Real Brands Shop #28Mall
Buy MEDI LAB Korea Water Gel Tint Glow – Love Affair, Shop #28Mall

Retail Price: RM35
28Mall Price: RM33.00
Cashback Reward: 25%

You save: RM1.73 (5%)

Glossy, shiny and moisturizing lip tint glow.


Non sticky, light texture, long lasting moisture and color.


4 color available

Made in Korea


Available at…/p-104462-MEDI_LAB_Korea_Water_Gel_T…